With Flux your payment terminal accepts QR Payments

With a simple, secure, plug & play scanner


In moments you can integrate the new way to pay to your payment terminal with no need for POS integration or software installation


Accepting QR payments with Flux is the same as swiping a card. No additional steps or accounting.


Transactions are secured through authentication, tokenization and encryption. Merchants are safe from fraud.

See it working…

Watch the review by Parentesis filmed at Cancino Café

Flux QR benefits everyone

Merchants can receive QR Payments, Issuers can offer digital bank accounts, Wallets can offer on-site payments


Plug & Play

Your customers appreciate a fast frictionless payment. With Flux, QR-payments are intuitive for Customers and operators.



Open and Closed loop

You need to stay ahead of the competition, delivering better payment experiences for you Customers. Flux is the fastest way to offer them secure, intuitive QR Payments.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets

Quick acceptace

The speed of merchant integration will be the most important success factor. Flux can dramatically reduce the time and cost of merchant integration.

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